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Wisdom Teeth Removal
Port Angeles, WA

Illustration of an impacted wisdom toothMost of a person's adult teeth will come in well before a child reaches the teen years. There are four teeth that do not fit into that category. These four teeth are wisdom teeth. They do not replace baby teeth; they are extra molars that are just for the adult mouth. Very often one or even all four of the wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

Here at Turella Oral Surgery, we want you to know that wisdom teeth extraction is very common, nothing to be concerned about, and one of the most common dental services that we offer. Here is what you will need to know if we recommend that you have your wisdom teeth removed.

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

Before we talk about the process of removing your wisdom teeth, let us discuss the reasons why we often will recommend this.

One of the main reasons why we will remove or "extract" wisdom teeth is because there is not enough room in the jaw for them. The wisdom teeth will end up crowding the other teeth in your jaw, and that will throw off your entire alignment. Since there is no room for your wisdom teeth in this situation, we will remove them.

Another reason why we might remove wisdom teeth is that they are not coming in straight. This will affect your other teeth, and could also cause you much pain. We will remove them to avoid this.

When a tooth breaks through the jaw, we will say that the tooth has "erupted." Sometimes, wisdom teeth will not erupt. That will also lead to pain and crowding. We will often remove wisdom teeth that have not erupted.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

When we decide to extract wisdom teeth, we will usually remove all four of them at the same time, as needed. Your mouth will be numbed, and we will remove the teeth. If a tooth can be extracted in one piece, we will do it that way. Sometimes we will need to section a tooth, which means that we will cut it into pieces and then remove the pieces. The way that we remove the tooth will depend on how the tooth is positioned and the condition of the tooth.

After your wisdom teeth have been removed, you will want to have someone else drive you home. Take it easy for the rest of the day. Do not be surprised if there is swelling, and you should use an ice pack to keep the swelling down. We will talk to you about pain relievers before we remove your wisdom teeth. You will want to stick to soft foods while you heal.

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, but it is very common. That is because your teeth were already all in position by the time that your wisdom teeth arrive. Here at Turella Oral Surgery, we would like to answer your questions.

If you are having pain and think that it might be because of your wisdom teeth, call (360) 912-8244 or use our secure online form to make an appointment. It is better to have us look at them now instead of risking that you will have problems from them later.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal - Port Angeles, WA • Turella
Here at Turella Oral Surgery, we want you to know that wisdom teeth extraction is very common, and nothing to be concerned about.
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