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Digital X-Ray
Port Angeles, WA

A dental hygienist helping a patient look at her digital x-rays at Turella Oral Surgery.X-rays have changed quite a bit in the past few years. The new x-rays already help your doctor, and there are many benefits that we here at Turella Oral Surgery enjoy as well. Digital x-rays have changed the way that we can diagnose a problem, and also help us to find better the right way to treat you. Digital x-rays help our team and Dr. Stephen J. Turella, DMD.

Digital X-Rays Help With Diagnosing

With digital x-rays, it is much easier for us to find what the problem is. This will help you as well.

With a traditional flat x-ray, we are limited in how much we can see. That has all changed with a digital x-ray. Instead of looking at the image on a lighted screen, we will look at it on a computer. This makes it easier to see exactly what we are looking for.

One thing that is very nice about digital x-rays is that we can zoom in and zoom out. If we want to see the whole picture, we will zoom out. If we would like to take a closer look at a tooth or a section of your teeth, all that we have to do is to zoom in. This helps us to better find the problem.

Another thing that is nice about a digital x-ray is that we can move the picture around. With a traditional x-ray, we are limited to one view. With a digital x-ray, we can turn the image and look at an area from any angle that we want to see. When we can see the whole area from different angles, it will be easier to discover what is going on.

Digital X-Rays Help With Treatments

Not only are digital x-rays a great diagnostic tool, but they can also help us to develop a plan for treatment. Since we are working on a computer, we will be able to try several different scenarios until we find the best solution for you.

Once we have a plan, we can use the digital x-ray to be able to move ahead with the plan. Each patient is different, and since we will have your x-ray right in front of us, we can find the best way to treat it.

Digital x-rays have changed the face of dentistry. Because of them, we can find the problem faster, and we are also better able to know what the next step should be. We can make a solid plan with a digital x-ray, and we can also show you exactly what is going on.

A traditional x-ray can be hard for a patient to read, but with a digital x-ray, we can better point everything out to you. Here at Turella Oral Surgery, we want to use the latest dental technology to help you. If you would like to learn more, or if you need to schedule an appointment, please call us at (360) 912-8244. Do not let the fear of traditional x-rays stop you from calling, because the new technology has made a big difference.
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Digital X-Rays | Turella Oral Surgery - Port Angeles, WA
At Turella Oral Surgery, Dr. Stephen J. Turella, DMD and the team use digital x-rays to assist all patients. Click to learn more.

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